• #13953

    This bug (#13949)  is confirmed. It is related to php8. I am therefore moving it to the general “php8 issues” bug report, and will incorporate the fix for it there. The particular issue this bug highlights may crop up in a number of different, though relatively rare, scenarios. Due to the number of code files potentially effected, it is not possible to provide an interim fix here for all of them.

    In general, if you follow the error message and look at the line of code described there (e.g. “Error occurred on line 157 of file admin_trees_check.php” in this first case) you will see something like : “@$records” in it. The text ‘records’ may be different, but the “@$” is the problem. It is no long valid and must be replaced. The replacement will need to be specific to each case.

    The fix for this particular case is to replace the file “admin_trees_check.php” with the one in the zip folder attached to this message.


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