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    Sorry, but thats a very confusing paragraph (to me). I am having trouble guessing what you are actually seeing, and what you are trying to do about it.

    1 – If my recollection is correct, you have two family trees running in one instance of kiwitrees. In the setup (Administration > Family trees > family tree > Media tab), for each tree you have set the “Media folder” differently, i.e for one tree the folder is media/tree1, and for the other it is media/tree2. Is that correct?

    2 – You say “… have been able to fix” images in the wrong tree. How (exactly) did you do that?

    3 –When image is attached to both husband & wife, got the same error“. What error is that? The exact wording may be critical to understanding the issue.

    4 –… went to Manage Media thinking I can change file name there. Nope.” Why not? What do you see there (or not see) that prevents you doing that?

    5 –Does that mean I have to unattach, rename, reattach to their family record (via marriage event or other similar)“. No it doesn’t – under “normal” circumstances. Perhaps your’s are not “normal”? Although, I can’t think of any that would prevent renaming a file name from (say) “granny.jpg” to “granddad.jpg”. which is all that “change a file name” entails.

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