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    Access in Ancestry is limited to 1921 Canada  but without detail of most fields. Name, Age, birth is about all. But did notice option to record changes to record which is good. (Noted in parenthesis on page)

    Sadly, the official site for 1921 or earlier gives name and age and “tracking info” only. One needs to view actual record to obtain details and I don’t know about others but 99% of the Canada ones I’ve seen are literally scribbled over to point of not being able to read the original entry.

    Unlike 1940 USA census which is free on Ancestry and contains full detail, 1921 Canada is not marked free but can be accessed. Full details though are not shown.

    Next year (2023) is a bonus year for 1931 census is release and I bet pandemic will be used to delay this. Same too with Ontario archival info for vitals.

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