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    1 HEAD and 0 TRLR make this “valid” file. So, if I removed the 0 TRLR and added another file, then re-added the 0 TRLR, all is okay?

    No, not OK. If ANY XREF / id is duplicated across those two trees you will have a mess of individuals / families / sources / media / notes / repositories potentially linked to the wrong records.

    If you want to “append” two GEDCOM files let kiwitrees do it properly for you. The main tool is Administration > Family tree tools > Append family tree. It checks for XREF duplications and will direct you to another tool Administration > Family tree tools > Renumber family tree where it will fix the duplication problem. See for detailed use / instructions on this.

    All of this is quite different to what GeditCom does. That does tree “merging” where it tries (better than most that try) to merge duplicate records based on names, dates, places etc etc.. Very complex, and often with poor and messy outcomes. It is the best ‘merge’ tool I know, but still not a process I recommend.

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