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    Not sure the link I found but same gobbly-gook. I wanted simple table that I’ve reerred to for 5.5.1 (the copy/paste I used doesn’t quite reflect but it’s basically a table).

    You won’t find it. As I said, it’s WAY too complex to be summarised in a simple one-to-one table.The site I linked to is as close as you’ll get.

    Any suggestions for my project?

    Not really. Nothing in GEDCOM is designed to do that. Software like Reunion does it totally outside of GEDCOM, so it’s non-transferrable. Kiwitrees could do it, but in my list of priorities it would be sometime around 2050!!

    I have seen, in Ancestry trees, people using different images replacing the “highlighted” images in kiwitrees. They either use simple colour blocks as an image, or sometimes different heraldic family emblems. Biggest advantage is that they can appear on all the charts, as well as INDI pages etc..

    My personal kiwitrees site is