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    Actually did try google search for GEDCOM 7.x tags but only came up with Family Search outline. One site did seem to list them but no highlight of new 7.0 or deprecated 5.5.1 tags.

    The only attempt I’ve seen to explain this very complex series of changes is this one:

    Not sure if you found that one. But it’s not just a simple matter of adding / changing / deleting tags. Far from it. The whole structure is changing. It’s also open to public input, as well as one or more “committees” debating the pros and cons of each change being proposed. All the ingredients for a long drawn-out talk-fest. I’m not optimistic about it’s future!

    But if you search for “RFN” on the page it’s clearly (in multiple places) classed as “5.5.1 construct not available in 7.0”.
    If you do the same search for “REFN”, it is also classed the same in every current use, but then appears as “New construct in 7.0” under a new grouping called IDENTIFIER_STRUCTURE.

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