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    thanks, that really helps.

    in Reunion (offline genealogy loose Gedcom 5.5.1) I can “group records” with an identifying flag. Added to that is option for colour tags as they call them. Not GEDCOM of course. Trying to find similar method within GEDCOM.

    Say for example, some of the records in kiwitrees shows the relationship after the 1 NAME. Something that would let me easily use “facts and events” report to find them all. (This is but one of the groups, others aren’t as obvious.) I thought of RFN because I had a number I could use. Deprecating the tag wasn’t even on my mind, that’s a reason in itself I’d not want to use.

    Actually did try google search for GEDCOM 7.x tags but only came up with Family Search outline. One site did seem to list them but no highlight of new 7.0 or deprecated 5.5.1 tags.

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