• #13615

    What I fixed was a fault during the import process. The only way to fix it was to delete the temporary upload table in the database. I didn’t try to investigate the precise reason it failed though. It will be a malformed entry in th GEDCOM file though; there’s not much else it could possibly be.

    So I suggest that before you try importing again, zip the GEDCOM file and mail it to me. I can then run some tests and see if the previous fault still exists.

    As for the import itself, your “upload_max_filesize” (you can read this in kiwitrees Administration > Server information ) is a massive 512M. That is, unless Dreamhost have another limit we can’t see, which is not unusual. I have no way to know what that might be.

    All these can be avoided by uploading the file with FTP, rather than through the upload / import options. Then just use Import (instead of Upload), and read the file from the server.

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