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    Wondering if the issue with the blank page is on both Mac & PC

    As far as I am aware it is no longer an issue anywhere on any operating system, assuming you are using latest kiwitrees (3.3.9). Do let me know if you find it still exists anywhere, in case I missed an instance.

    Just need to know if I should be trying to explain how to refresh a page (no idea on Windows browser until she figures out which one she’s using)

    Refreshing page on PC is (almost) the same on a PC as on a Mac, as are most basic keyboard commands. The only difference is the first part is “command or Cmd” key for Mac, “Ctrl” key for PC. So:

    Refresh browser = Ctrl+r for PC; Cmd+r for Mac (both have other ways, but these are consistent)
    Copy = Ctrl+c for PC; Cmd+c for Mac
    Paste = Ctrl+v for PC; Cmd+v for Mac
    Cut = Ctrl+x for PC; Cmd+x for Mac
    Reverse last action = Ctrl+z for PC; Cmd+z for Mac

    It doesn’t matter on either system which browser is used. They all use these actions.

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