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    I assume you actually mean (not Frankton).

    Yes , that will give an easier to read answer in many cases. But we cannot use search.html directly from kiwitrees. Automated queries have to use the geonames ‘webservice’ through their API rules, including their requirement for a registered password (supplied internally by kiwitrees). So this is the kiwitrees generated URL:*********

    That gives us a long and complex-looking coded page, from which we can easily extract the town, county, state, country format we require. That is then displayed as per this image:


    The other issue we have is that I have set a limit of 10 results. Testing indicated this allowed for a response in reasonable time, but at slight expense of perhaps missing some key entries. This is best avoided by you simply typing ahead a little further.

    Note also that kiwitrees’ URL for geonames starts with http rather than https. If we want to use the slightly safer, and perhaps(?) better https webservice they require each user to register (with charge-back approval for the cost of searching) and then store your own password in kiwitrees. I could modify the code to do that, but doubt any / many users would want to do that.

    My personal kiwitrees site is