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    I noticed problems displaying pdf files a long time ago – all I got was a tiny generic icon. I have since used graphic conversion software to convert pdf to jpg. What I have never tried is adding a movie media file. Any experience?

    Yes, the small icon could be bigger. Just never got round to fixing that! It is there whenever a thumbnail doesn’t exist. That’s usual for any non-image format. PHP can’t easily create an icon for that. It’s why an “upload thumb” option exists wherever you upload media objects.

    As for video’s, yes they can be used. Not many people do, as they are often large file sizes, which can cause uploading problems. Other problems can be caused by browsers not allowing them to be played, necessitating downloading to watch! The issue is the myriad of formats around for video’s. The only one I have successfully used is “.mp4”. You can see an example of that at this link:

    Go to the “Album” tab. and you will see a video at the bottom. It ‘should’ just play if you click on it. It does for me, anyway.

    It also shows what I do about thumbnails. I create a 100px wide image (must be a .png, with the file name identical to the main image/video/pdf). I then use graphics software to overlay a small icon to show the type of object it is. I takes a few moments to do, but I don’t upload many that need it.

    Like you, I prefer converting pdf’s to image format, unless they are multi-page.

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