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    I did not clear the browser’s cache, now I did, I see a difference but it is not enough.

    You could change the percentage figure more (lower), but I agree, it is not a good solution.

    Lately I changed the option automatically expand the note from no to yes. Now I changed it back to no. The display of the text is as I expected,

    That is a good solution, especially when you have very long notes. It saves a lot of scrolling down the page. It works becasue only one large item is open, not two or more.

    …and when I click on the link to the Shared Note, the display of this on a new page is also good. Clicking on the symbol to expand the Shared Note changes the display of the text again.

    That is becasue the “Shared notes” page is very simple, not like the “Facts and events” tab.

    Glad you have a solution that works for you.

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