• #13107

    That is an interesting problem. The text is still there, of course, but hidden because it is too wide for the page.

    I copied the same long text entry you use into a marriage on my own site – and there is no problem for me with it’s display. The container for that text is limited to the page width and wrapped too fit.
    But we are using the same theme, and exactly the same style sheet.

    It took me some time to understand that the long text is not actually the problem. The real problem is the very long census table also displayed on the same page.

    Can you please test this adjustment for me. I think it will fix this problem, but I am not sure if it will or not also adversely change other parts of the display.

    In the file kiwitrees/themes/kiwitrees/styles.css, line 3277 is this:

    max-width: 90%;

    Change that to
    max-width: 62%;
    Try this, I think it will work better:

    max-width: 58%;
    My personal kiwitrees site is