• #13068

    The fix for is now available, attached to this post.

    It required changes to 5 files, so to simplify the update I have placed them in the zip package in their correct sub-folder hierarchy. It “should” mean that you can simply copy the entire zip contents to the root folder of your kiwitrees installation in a single upload.
    Just take a little care if you have kiwitrees in a sub-folder of your site.

    This fix is for the issue addressed by this post (facts & events not automatically updating) plus the much older issue in this post: Problem adding media objects[/url]

    This is a complex issue, so entirely possible that I have missed some less commonly used occurrences. So don’t hesitate to come back to this bug report if you find any problems that match the issues discussed here that still remain for you.

    Fixes for hosted clients are being uploaded automatically today.

    My personal kiwitrees site is
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