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    Hi Ron
    I’m afraid my “gut response” might seem a little negative, and perhaps less trusting.

    I operate a similar set of requirements to you, and feel very strongly that they should never, for any reason, be broken. I simply don’t do it.

    One important question to consider – why would these “researchers” require access to any data about living members of your “family”? If they don’t need that, then why do they need to register with your site at all? Unless your site is totally locked down, and not accessible at all without registration, surely they can see all they need to without registration. If they find something of interest, can they not simply ask you if you have any further information you can share?

    And for a couple of really cynical thoughts (ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek):
    If a disreputable person wanted to gather data on living people (identity theft?) how long would they need access to a web site for? Would 15 or 30 days be long enough? Might “clergyman” be a suitable occupation to claim, to gain the website admin’s trust?

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