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    I have now completed testing of the replacement image upload package, and had a couple of other users test it for me. So attached here is a replacement that can be used now, or you can wait for the next release (3.3.9) which will include this. Not sure exactly when that will be though.
    Take care with this fix though, as it’s not quite as straightforward as most posted here.

    Here is what is required (it looks worse than it actually is):

    • First, if you have never, or have no immediate plans to, upload images for use in pages, stories, faq, or html modules, then you do not need this replacement. Just wait for kiwitrees 3.3.9. If you don’t know if you need this fix or not, then it is most likely you do not.
    • This a a complete replacement for the module “ckeditor”, not just a single file, and that is the largest of all the modules. The zip file attached here is over 2MB.
    • As always, extract the contents from the zip file and place them on your PC/mac ready to upload to your web server. It will be a folder called “ckeditor”.
    • DO NOT immediately copy and over-write the existing kiwitrees/modules_v4/ckeditor folder.
    • You will need to first protect any existing uploaded images. They might be in either, or both, of two locations. Those are kiwitrees/uploads/images/, or kiwitrees/modules_v4/ckeditor.kcfinder/uploads/. FInd those and download them to your pc for safe-keeping.
    • Now delete the existing folder kiwitrees/modules_v4/ckeditor completely. Do not re-name it, as that will stop your site from working.
    • Once that is deleted you can copy the complete replacement ckeditor folder from your your desktop to kiwitrees/modules_v4.
    • Now you may need to edit the html links to your existing images. As mentioned above, they may reference storage at either kiwitrees/uploads/images/, or kiwitrees/modules_v4/ckeditor.kcfinder/uploads/. The new location of the images will be kiwitrees/uploads/. This will be easier to use , but does unfortunately cause some work to fix.
    • Finally, take any images you downloaded (see above) for ‘safe-keeping’ and transfer them back to your server, at the new location. Hopefully now your site will be back to normal.

    Please do contact me if you need any help with this change.

    EDIT: Due to the size of this fix it cannot be attached here. Click this link to download it…..

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