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    The snap you included of Sir Edward is fuller which I couldn’t replicate w/o access. Want to see what it looks like with #3 removed and still in “reverse” order (Surname, Given names).

    I’ve just been looking at the code for this, becasue (again) I don’t actually remember changing it. The answer is very simple. There is no specific order. They are displayed in the order they are stored in the GEDCOM data.

    The “Darwin” tree used in the demo (for both kiwitrees and kiwitrees-nova) came to me with the in the order:
    1 NAME
    2 SURN
    2 GIVN.

    But other software, including any people added first in kiwitrees, will be in the order:
    1 NAME
    2 GIVN
    2 SURN

    As per standard GEDCOM practice, when tags of the same level are displayed consecutively, the order is as per the data stored.

    My own tree displays in the “normal” order you are used, as you can see in the Edward Heath image I attached earlier. So no change required there, I think.

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