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    Your comments aren’t negative, I was concerned my feedback was.

    Definitely not. But they are heavily influenced by the very poor example the GEDCOM file used in the demo gives. It has very incomplete content. The Edward Heath image I attached earlier, for example, is from my own personal tree (used for development purposes), so having login access wouldn’t make much difference. There is no private data, so most pages won’t look any different. I have been thinking for a while that I should replace that file. Perhaps I will export a “privatised” version of my own tree and load that instead for a more “real-life” experience.

    Yes, would prefer Given names and surname as it would be written, current meth. And appears in lists and/or reports.

    You are right – and there wasn’t any particular reason for the change (as in “I don’t actually remember changing it!!“) I’ll change it back.

    The term I use as “Xref number” is the line 0 of every record, sequential numbering of records. I use in body, I use in reports (added in Admin panel), I use in numbering images. ***Vital*** to me.

    That’s fine. You’re choice. But take care if you ever export to other software and try re-importing to kiwitrees. Not all software retains the same IDs. Also never try using the “Merge trees” feature of kiwitrees. That requires that duplicate IDs (between the two trees) are changed to remove the duplication. Note also that in webtrees latest versions Greg has dropped the I, F, S, N, M prefixes for these IDs and universally replaced them all with an X prefix! But be assured I have no intention of doing the same!

    One thing I did when I knew my cousin was accessing my site to provide more details, was switch to Xena as it had buttons labelled and thought that would be of help to her. Would be nice if one theme had that option of text/icon rather than just one or the other. (I am only referring to menu items, not the other options in Xena)

    At present all the themes use both buttons and labels in the main menu.

    Maybe it means future consideration for a theme meant for those of us with vision difficulties.

    Actually a theme wouldn’t really work, as they are all (in kiwitrees) set per tree, so visitors would get the same settings as you.
    But it does trigger another idea. How about a set of user options under a general term of “Accessibility settings”?
    From your comments, they might include an adjustment to base font size; perhaps a contrast adjustment, That sort of thing anyway. I know my iPhone has something similar, so perhaps I needed to see how Apple handle it.

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