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    First, as I couldn’t access site except as visitor, didn’t get to play and see what more details would look like.

    <<Although it may look slightly different this is identical to the behaviour in kiwitrees. Click on the header “Given names” to sort by those,. Click on the header “Surnames” to sort by those.>>
    It seemed more noticeable in K-N, and column wider. The name presents as NAME but offers GIVN and SURN for sorting purposes. It’s not really 2 columns Hence suggestion of using NAME with a radio button option for sort of GIVN or SURN.

    <<No, to all three of those I’m afraid. The aim with this development includes clean, uncluttered presentation, with careful matched colour schemes of minimal number of basic colours. There are however two other themes in development, and perhaps more might be possible after the initial public release. Also, managing customisations is much simpler in nova. All custom files (styles, header, etc can be created and edited directly in the administration area.>>

    My example of Coffee & Cream wasn’t so much the shade as its use over all grey. The shade can be matched your K-N theme. Even possibly lighter shade of grey to contrast the black type better. But will have to see the alternate Themes you produce and test those. The combo of font weight and the grey makes screen harder to see. And spending HOURS on my site, that’s important.

    <<Also notice reverse appearance: kiwitrees is Name Given names Surname
    but -Nova is Name Surname Given names>>

    Yes, would prefer Given names and surname as it would be written, current meth. And appears in lists and/or reports.

    <<The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) organisation recommend that sites do not specify a basic font size, but instead uses relative sizing based on the browser font setting. That is what nova does. They no longer recommend the AAA option as modern bowsers are supposed to have rendered it obsolete. See also comments above about easier customisation.>>

    This is the biggest concern for me. My browser base font setting is already quite large but doesn’t override theme. I’ve not seen reason for the obsoletion of the AAAA as browsers do a lousy job of readability. It’s used on sites such as that for Cdn National Institute for the Blind still. To me, when I see that included, I know that I don’t have to spend time setting site 1 in tab 1, adjusting site 2 in tab 2 that is distorted because of using browser font increase over the site-specific AAAA.
    Just did quick look at W3C and 1.14.4 summarizes what I would like to be able to do:
    “1.4.4 Resize text: Except for captions and images of text, text can be resized without assistive technology up to 200 percent without loss of content or functionality. (Level AA)”
    Somewhat ironic is the item below 1.4.4 is contrast (1.4.6) which gives 7:1. I don’t know the standard at all but assume this relates to my comment of the black font, lightweight,
    on grey background being hard to read.
    Maybe it means future consideration for a theme meant for those of us with vision difficulties. Hey, I sent email with font size 24 (that used by CNIB).

    <<No. 1 in nova is (I think) an improvement in both legibility and location.
    No. 2 is necessary as it is a trigger to open/close the name editing area. This becomes very apparent when you have multiple names for a single individual. Note, in such cases, No. 1 will always be the “primary” name.
    No. 3 is no longer relevant, and has been removed, but not yet uploaded to the demo site. (see attached screenshot).>>

    Will try again at some point and see the difference. The snap you included of Sir Edward is fuller which I couldn’t replicate w/o access. Want to see what it looks like with #3 removed and still in “reverse” order (Surname, Given names).

    <<Nothing new about that feature. It’s been a part of kiwitrees since day 1. You just need to enable it and set access level and position in the sidebar, like any other module.
    Yes, “Internal reference” is the xref number. It is not currently in the main record. >>

    Included since day 1 == NEVER knew 🙂 guess never looked either as I like them within body. The term I use as “Xref number” is the line 0 of every record, sequential numbering of records. I use in body, I use in reports (added in Admin panel), I use in numbering images. ***Vital*** to me. I know if I knew how to manipulate the SQL tables the numbers could be reused but are otherwise unique. To me, that’s my Social Insurance/Security Number. But so long as the option is there, not trying to open the subject further.
    One thing I did when I knew my cousin was accessing my site to provide more details, was switch to Xena as it had buttons labelled and thought that would be of help to her. Would be nice if one theme had that option of text/icon rather than just one or the other. (I am only referring to menu items, not the other options in Xena) I know the buttons in Colours but I’m on my site way too often. She’s only accessing occasionally.

    Your comments aren’t negative, I was concerned my feedback was. This is probably only the second time I looked at what you’ve been up to and figure it’s better to have the discussion at this stage that after full release.

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