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    Thanks for taking the time to look at these things. All feedback is welcome.

    Just some brief comments on your main points:

    Did a Individual List and see there is an entire column “Surname” empty but entire name is under Given Name. Could there not be a checkbox or something to sort by sort surname or given name?

    Although it may look slightly different this is identical to the behaviour in kiwitrees. Click on the header “Given names” to sort by those,. Click on the header “Surnames” to sort by those.

    For view ability, I had to bump up the font size quite a bit and almost have nose on screen.

    Fonts in kiwitrees-nova are entirely dictated by the base font set in your browser. By default that is usually 16px. Most text is therefore 16px, with headers progressively larger, and some less important details slightly smaller. This is done by using relative sizing units (rem) instead of fixed px.

    Looked at the Anne Darwin’s page and would like to see alternating colours for line entries (birth, marriage, death, etc).

    Bit more compact for length as some of my pages are quite long in detail.

    Going back to my own site, think instead of the grey, maybe the very light “beige-brown” colour from COLORS > Coffee & Cream or Belgium Chocolate which is a nice, soft colour and easier on the eyes than the grey or even white. I find that as background needn’t be alternating.

    No, to all three of those I’m afraid. The aim with this development includes clean, uncluttered presentation, with careful matched colour schemes of minimal number of basic colours. There are however two other themes in development, and perhaps more might be possible after the initial public release. Also, managing customisations is much simpler in nova. All custom files (styles, header, etc can be created and edited directly in the administration area.

    “Given names” is one phrase but on 2 lines making it look like “names” has no data. to prevent the wrap, the browser window must be quite wide. Wider than I ever keep it as I use multiple browsers and apps while editing.

    I feel it is more important that the names themselves have maximum space, not those labels. So compromise is necessary on some screen sizes. You should find that a very small adjustment to the width of your screen will prevent the label wrapping.

    Also notice reverse appearance: kiwitrees is Name Given names Surname
    but -Nova is Name Surname Given names

    Yes. Is that a comment or a problem?

    Sizing option for the accessibility standard where there’s the AAAA (in different sizing) in upper corner (usually right) would help those of us with sight problems. Also, the weight of the font. The image below from my Royals is easier to read than the one from the Demo site.

    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) organisation recommend that sites do not specify a basic font size, but instead uses relative sizing based on the browser font setting. That is what nova does. They no longer recommend the AAA option as modern bowsers are supposed to have rendered it obsolete. See also comments above about easier customisation.

    Currently, a page has two incidences of NAME: one in the banner with gender, birth/death, age and one under it either standalone or with given names/surnames etc. kiwitrees-Nova has 3

    You are right, 3 is too many.
    No. 1 in nova is (I think) an improvement in both legibility and location.
    No. 2 is necessary as it is a trigger to open/close the name editing area. This becomes very apparent when you have multiple names for a single individual. Note, in such cases, No. 1 will always be the “primary” name.
    No. 3 is no longer relevant, and has been removed, but not yet uploaded to the demo site. (see attached screenshot).
    Remember also that as well as Given names and Surnames, that area can also display suffixes, prefixes, notes, sources etc.

    Notice there was “new addition” that I remember from Webtrees “Extra Information”. Is the “Internal reference” my beloved Xref number? Is there option to have part of main record?

    Nothing new about that feature. It’s been a part of kiwitrees since day 1. You just need to enable it and set access level and position in the sidebar, like any other module.
    Yes, “Internal reference” is the xref number. It is not currently in the main record. But nova will have two (optional) alternative tabs to “Facts and events”. These are “Events”, which you will see is already there on the demo site, and “Attributes”. “Events” will, as the name implies, only have dated events listed, in date order. In other words a “timeline” of the individuals’ life. The “Attributes” tab will display all the undated facts, like ID numbers, hair color, and many other items defined under “attributes” in the GEDCOM spec. I will probably include the xref there too. BUT, I will still always stress that it must not be used as a permanent reference to link to an individual or family. It is a machine-ID only, and can be changed without notification in many ways.

    Thanks again for your feedback. I hope my response isn’t too negative. Nova is still a long way from finished, but some things are pretty firm and I will be reluctant to change them in the short term.

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