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    Going back to my own site, think instead of the grey, maybe the very light “beige-brown” colour from COLORS > Coffee & Cream or Belgium Chocolate which is a nice, soft colour and easier on the eyes than the grey or even white. I find that as background needn’t be alternating.

    Sizing option for the accessibility standard where there’s the AAAA (in different sizing) in upper corner (usually right) would help those of us with sight problems. Also, the weight of the font. The image below from my Royals is easier to read than the one from the Demo site.

    As I see all those files inside the download of kiwitrees, I do marvel at how you put it all together!

    Currently, a page has two incidences of NAME: one in the banner with gender, birth/death, age and one under it either standalone or with given names/surnames etc. kiwitrees-Nova has 3


    Must admit, I do marvel how you go through all those files in a download to produce kiwitrees/ kiwitrees-nova

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