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    Just came across a small problem. Had to enter a number of new photos – all from the same source. Added them under the ‘Album’ tab of the appropriate individuals. For each I entered the same source, and having entered ‘Received from Andrew 19 Oct 2020’ forthe first, I expected, as usual, that for the second and subsequent additions, the citation would be amongst the drop-down list to be selected, but NO,each time I had to re-enter the same text. I checked a different method of entering data with a source and was relieved to find that all was well – it seems that only under ‘Album tab’ – Add a new media – does the problem arise.

    That is true. I had never come across this before, but you are correct. I suspect it was left out becasue there have been (a long time ago) disputed over whether source references are relevant on media objects. Some people (not me) think the media object is itself a form of “source”.
    Currently that autocomplete field for citations only references matches in INDI and FAM records. I will investigate adding OBJE to this. Meanwhile, I will copy this part of your post to the Bug report forum here.

    For quite a long time there has been a minor problem in this area (under Chrome – not sure if also under other browsers) – in that, following the addition of a media object the message ” Click the close button to return to the manage media page* has appeared (reported some time ago. Clicking the button doesn’t achieve anything, but closing the appropiate browser tab and refreshing the main page seems to make all OK. Presumably the retention of the citation details is somehow caught up in this.

    No, not related in any way at all. Current progress on that bug remains as stated here:

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