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    If I understood, the note is added from the Admin > Manage Media when I do the Create and save. I’d click Edit and add the note as I would for an image on a record page.

    The Rebbes image isn’t from the Gallery. It showed up from being added to the home page. If I do want to use an image from the data/media area of my site, do I need another copy for the gallery location so that I could add my notes?

    You are in danger of over complicating things.

    The gallery module is very simple. It just displays ALL the images stored in a given folder.
    It doesn’t matter where you add the media from.
    It doesn’t matter where you edit a media item from.
    It doesn’t matter where I when you add notes, or anything else.

    It ONLY matters which folder on your server you store the media item in.

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