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    OK, I have looked at your site in detail, using the login details you provided before. Actually there isn’t a great deal wrong. Just a couple of mis-understandings. However, I can’t easily see everything as I don’t have access to your server itself.

    Just in case there is a problem I wasn’t aware of, I would like to try setting a gallery up from scratch myself, on your system. I shouldn’t need any access to the server for that. But first, it would help to ensure there are no introduced errors from your earlier start with gallery. Can you, on your web server, in the /data/ folder, delete all / any subfolders with the name “rebesGallery” and everything they contain.

    Let me know when that is done. I will then try a “from basics” gallery set up myself and see if any problems arise that shouldn’t, and what they are. I’ll use random images I have here, and once that works, you can edit the gallery and the images etc to suit your actual needs.

    My personal kiwitrees site is