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    I flunked. Followed your instructions. Honest, I’m quite sure I did.

    I used the “Upload media” to see where it would put the folder. It nested 3 in:
    media/subfolder/subfolder. Tried variations including FTP but when I finally saw them in Manage Media and under the “Unused” section, left them.

    The first image I did NOT link to the person. The second I did. No reason other than to see difference.

    Went to Edit the Gallery (either from a record or in Admin Panel). Added something to Summary. In the tab Galleries, created a Gallery. Selected the location of the images.

    Went to a record and selected Gallery (NOTE: Gallery plural is Galleries, not Gallery). I see the Summary. Nothing else.

    The setup is in my Rebbes site. Two images have been uploaded, G1.png and G2.png. They both have Titles and Notes added from the Manage Media section.

    PS: The Galleria theme website is no more. I got server not found.

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