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    The FAQ link doesn’t give much help. Ments local media items in a folder which is what I have. But, no method to link to it. No mention of how to actually get images or files into the gallery.

    See section 1 – Upload images, under “Set up”. Follow it to the letter. Especially item c.

    Also read and understand this earlier paragraph. It is very important :

    To operate the module requires that the (local) media items you want to display are stored in a single folder within kiwitrees’ media storage structure. It can be any folder or sub-folder, at any level, but only a single complete folder can be displayed. There is no option to select specific items only.

    Note that “local” means local to (within) kiwitrees on your web server, as opposed to stored on some other server or computer somewhere.

    Just now looking at the text in that para c. just mentioned, perhaps I should expand further on that for you:

    Once you have uploaded the media, find it / them in Manage Media, by clicking on the “Unused media” option. Then click “Create” and fill in what ever (if anything) you want there before clicking “save”.

    Only once that is done for at least one picture will you find the new folder displayed in the select list.

    One final thought – uploading via “Upload media files” in admin, is only as a convenience if there are not many of them. Otherwise you can simply FTP them all straight into your new folder in one go. BUT – you must still follow the instructions in para c. of the FAQ, and expanded just above here.

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