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    I added an image to 1 BURI then tested on my site as visitor. I thought it was me selecting wrong place to add but it’s not. By default the image is 2 OBJE, making it visible.

    1 BURI
    2 PLAC nowhere
    2 OBJE @M3746@

    If I manually view GEDCOM and make it 3 OBJE, it hides.
    I maybe stating the obvious to you, but I didn’t know.

    Actually it’s NOT hidden, it’s “broken”. You cannot add an image as a subtag (lower level) of a PLAC tag, which is what you created with:
    1 BURI
    2 PLAC nowhere
    3 OBJE @M3746@

    GEDCOM does not allow it, so kiwitrees (and all it’s predecessors) can not / will not display it, not even to you logged in as an administrator. This is also why, in this case, manually setting it to level 3 is the only way you can set it like this.

    If you go back through this entire thread, you will see that all of the earlier discussions were ONLY about the use of OBJE tags in relation to sources (SOUR). These sources are one of (or possibly the only) place you can add a subsidiary level 3 media object. As well as manually editing the GEDCOM data to achieve this, you can also do it in the normal edit screen; but only (for now) when initially adding the media object, not later.

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