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    With the replacement file, I’ll place a Chat Call to Dreamhost and let them run the report.

    Wondering if this link might help you:

    Ran your vital statistics. Picked a birth range. Saw option for Sources and Parents. Tried with/without options selected. As requested, no sources (with/without option) and parents with option/no parents if unchecked.

    OK, another confusion I need to fix. You were viewing as a non-logged-in visitor. But I have sources hidden from all except members (and higher) – so that’s why sources were not shown whether you selected the “Show sources” option or not.
    So I have now uploaded a newer version to the same place. This now hides the “Show sources option” if all sources are hidden for the viewer. If you are allowed to see sources (i.e. a member etc), then they will appear, unless you select the “no” option, which will now be visible.

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