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    Went to your Wedgewood demo site and saw the report.

    I meant my own personal site, not DEMO. That one always shows the current stable release. I experiment on my personal site. Try:

    I’ve left it in that state if you want to see.

    Thanks, but there’s nothing I can do for a “blank page” error. That means it’s a server issue. Your site is issuing a “forbidden to access” error for that page (code 403). Only your web host, looking at the error report on the server can you tell you the cause. Only then can I suggest where the problem might be. I actually never come across a server provider that blocks access to logs. Certainly to the core logs shared by all clients, but each account should also have their own, accessible ideally via cPanel or PhpMyAdmin.

    My A-D site, I restored to past state (older version) of module.php for now. At least I see what change you made (no sources). Are the labels (father, mother, date) there to facilitate CSV export?

    Actually, no. Wrong on both counts. The reason for no sources is that there are literally no sources on that tiny GEDCOM file. So you can’t see what isn’t there. 🙂

    The parent labels are there to aid identification, and add more info for those who need it. Also, because they (as well as the sources, have been there ever since PGV days! When I “improved” all the reports I kept the content pretty much the same, just sorted out the awful displays.

    You will get a better idea of the new changes to Vital records report on my personal site.

    My personal kiwitrees site is