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    OK, logged in as you suggested. Changed a couple of things, and changed them back. Did it twice, using Chrome and Firefox browsers. No problem at all I’m afraid.

    That means the problem is local, either your machine, or your web server, or perhaps the MAC version of your browsers, making it impossible for me to investigate, even using your own web site.

    a) you need to work out how to enable and use the Developer tools in your browser(s). Here’s another link that might help for Safari – Once you have that available, have it open and do an edit. It might (hopefully) flag an error during the process. Just save and post here a screen shot of it.

    b) you also need to find out if errors are being listed on the web server error logs. Talk to your web host about these.Even if they are not currently enabled, they should be able to enable them for you, and tell you how to access them (cpanel, or phpMyAdmin?)

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