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    There’s one attached which is all that’s allowed unless I change manually which I usually don’t. That said, you answered my question that images aren’t private.

    Actually, I should really explain that one-line answer it bit better, because it IS possible to hide media objects, albeit with some limitations.

    I said:

    You cannot hide images, only the tag they are contained in.

    For most practical purposes that is correct. But technically, if you go to the Administration “Privacy” settings tab for your family tree, you CAN select “Media objects” in the lower section, and set them to “Show to members”, or “Show to managers” etc. It works too.

    BUT, it will only protect “level 1” media objects (i.e. “1 OBJE @Mxxxxx@”). Your example above had level 2 and level 3 examples which it woulld not apply to. Level 1 means media attached to the Individual (or Family) record directly, not to any tag / event / fact etc.
    It will also hide that media object EVERYWHERE it is used (remembering that a single media object might be used many times, connected to different people, events etc.).

    The other way that works is better, but again has disadvantages in practice. In this case, when adding or editing a media object you can add a “Restriction” (RESN tag). which will only apply to that single, specific media object. Like privacy, a restriction can be “Show to members”, “Show to managers” etc. But like the example above, this is linked to the object, so will apply EVERYWHERE it is used.

    For these reasons I never use either option (though many others do use one or both, I know). I prefer to embed media appropriately in events / facts etc, and rely on the automatic privacy of the individual (dead / alive based) only.

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