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    The question “Should I be showing…” doesn’t really have an answer. It’s entirely up to you. Personally I try to add every piece information I find.

    and if so, suggest entry

    A name is a name, whatever it’s origin. All names** are added in the same way. Use the “Edit” main menu item and “Add new name”.

    IMHO, it is also important to describe the reason for a different name. This can be done using any or all of the following:

    1. By using the “type” sub-tag.
    2. By adding a short text note.
    3. By adding a Source citation

    In addition, it is a good idea to ensure multiple names (of whatever “type”) are stored in the GEDCOM data in the correct or preferred order. This is because it will always be the first one listed that becomes the “preferred” name used on charts and reports. At present this can only be changed with “Edit raw GEDCOM data”.

    **with the exception of “married names” (_MARNM tag) which is an unofficial GEDCOM tag, used by kiwitrees and many other software. It is not the “correct” solution, but most people prefer it. The correct way is as a separate name (1 NAME) and the type “married name”.

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