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    This is a known (and previously discussed) limitation of the CSV output. It cannot easily change the output of what is primarily a web display format. Values “hidden” on the web page will always be there in the output, because the CSV will always be just the table cells from the underlying html.

    The output from any of the search pages uses the same display as the “Lists”, and that is designed to provide the maximum amount of data, despite the limited amount of space. To do otherwise always results in at least some dissatisfaction as each persons expectations vary. Hence give everyone everything, is the general approach.

    However, I can give you two possible solutions, neither perfect, but both better than what you have:

    • Using the same Advanced Search, copy / paste the output directly from the displayed web page into Excel. This (I find) does transfer only the displayed content, not the hidden parts. One caution – I don’t actually have a MS Excel, only LibreOffice Calc, so results for you might be different.
    • Use Reports > Facts and Events instead of Search. Enter BIRT as the fact; 1918 as the “Year to”; and Ontario, Canada as the place. This should give a similar result, but with less ‘extra’ data. It has the same CSV output option.
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