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    I can easily fix the problem by trimming white space from the start and end of each text cell of the census shared note display.

    You can update that by replacing the file kiwitrees/modules_v4/census_assistant/module.php with the version in the attached zip folder.

    Removing the spaces from the existing stored data is more complicated. There are so many places that multiple spaces might exist in the GEDCOM data, that it is hard to isolate and remove just the ones that should be moved.

    For example, in a census shared note you might have the line:

    1 CONT       John Smith     |12     | Denmark||

    If you remove all multiple spaces you would have:

    1 CONTJohn Smith|12|Denmark

    when you should have

    1 CONT John Smith|12|Denmark

    So I would not recommend trying to bulk replace these.

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