• #11309

    I have to remain convinced that this is either a MAC issue, or specific to your database server. This is because you are the only person using that combination of tools, and the only one reporting this problem.

    How do you handle this comment (from the “Upgrade” instructions when you upgrade:

    NOTE for Macintosh users. Step 4 assumes you are using a copy tool that merges directories rather than replaces them. (Merge is standard behaviour on Windows and Linux.) If you use the Macintosh Finder or another similar tool to perform step 3, it will replace your configuration, media and other directories with the empty/default ones from the installation. This would be very bad (but you did take a backup in step 1, didn’t you!). Further details and recommendations for suitable tools can be found by searching

    The “step 4” mentioned simply says:

    Unpack the ZIP file on your desktop computer, and upload all the files to your web server, overwriting the existing files.

    Beyond this, I don’t have any way to investigate the problem. Unless you could give me complete access to your server, and allow me to do my own update to see what happens.

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