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    I updated The Royals to 3.3.6 by downloading the zip file and unzipping.
    Backup GEDCOM to server.

    Clear cache (no particular reason, just habit).

    Using FtP, I upload all files (excluding “data folder”) to server. This is same method as always.
    As per the initial forum topic posted, I went to log in and the home page, root of site, was blank. That’s when I remembered I’d been this route before and the 3.3.5 was ONLY bad housekeeping at my end in terms of the various bookmarks I keep on my browsers (now 3). I knew from your reply to go to the /admin.php, log in, fix modules which were all unchecked.

    I’m trying to recall if the same thing happened when I updated my second install. As shown in my sig, I keep two installs. Quite sure it did and fixed same way.

    This is the only time I’ve ever experienced the problem so I doubt it being platform-based (Mac vs PC). And, true, no one else posted the same problem. My updating the two sites were done 28 October. Then another a day or two ago.

    [updated: 06 Aug 2021]
    MacOS: 10.15.7  (Catalina)
    Safari   14.0.3;  Firefox 9.0.2
    PHP 7.4.5 FastCGI

    Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9 <private>
    The Royals 3.3.9<
    The Gerrer Rebbes 3.3.9 <>