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    It really would be very valuable to understand how this “blank page” is being caused, in case it happens to anyone else.

    Your previous forum topic about it was

    But that doesn’t tell us much about the steps you take in the upgrade process. For example, you clearly change the GEDCOM title (to add ‘3.3.6’ to it) but didn’t mention it in explaining what you did. I really need to know every step, so I can try to replicate it.

    The privacy settings that are set when you enable, modules are stored only in the database. Upgrading the files can have absolutely no impact on those settings unless something is written in the code that tells it to actually change those settings – and I have never done that for any upgrade, ever!

    Currently, I can only think that it’s a MAC issue (though why upgrading software on a MAC should change something on your server’s database I cannot imagine), or something you do in your upgrade that no-one else does.

    Detailed answers to my questions 1 and 2 in the previous post would, therefore, be very helpful.

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