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    There’s no problem with the 3.3.6 download that I (or anyone else who has upgraded to it – which is quite a few people) am aware of.

    I also cannot think of any possible glitch that would cause you to lose all module access settings. I’ve never seen that happen on any other installation.

    Also, are you saying that your site (The Royals) said it was at 3.3.5 when in fact it was at 3.3.6? If so, then that is a definite problem in your upgrade process. If all files copy over to your server correctly, then the site will say it is at the correct (3.3.6) version.

    A couple of questions about your upgrades:

    1 – what version are you upgrading from? If from 3.3.5 I would expect no issues. It was a very simple upgrade, with no major changes. But if from a much older version, then there might be some complications. Did you read the Upgrade FAQ page?

    2 – What are the exact steps you take in your upgrade process?

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