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    Levels (I added ‘registered’ only for purpose of this thread): As I’ve worked it out in my head —

    Those are broadly in line with my thoughts. Just a few corrections, mainly due to some minor over-simplification of the potential complexity of a kiwitrees site.

    Privacy non-registered visitors vs registered members, ie: those who are in possession of a username and password

    Multiple trees per site is a major complexity. Any individual user can have different levels of access for each tree. Potentially even no access to one or more. So you need to be able to make a person a registered member of a tree – not just the site.

    Accounts registered members vs registered editors vs registered moderators vs registered managers vs registered administrators

    Pretty much the same issue as privacy (in fact they are really the same thing). Administrators are “per-site” All the others are “per-tree”.

    Modules non-registered visitors vs registered members vs registered managers vs registered everyone (all of the above)

    Mostly OK, but again, this has to vary on a “per-tree” basis.

    In all cases, VISITOR needs to mean non-registered viewers of the website, not currently the case. They do not have a user account or password. The term never appears in Accounts.

    Yes, but I prefer to (try) not use the term “visitor ” at all.We can’t “give” access to a “non-registered” person, as the system does not know who they are! So we can only set privacy across (most things (i.e. deceased peoples records, obviously public modules etc., then relax that overall privacy for some registered members. A subtle, but important difference.

    Default for Account settings will be registered Member.


    Default for Modules will be registered Member unless changed to show to Visitors.

    No. Too simplistic. It’s not necessary, and very unfriendly for new users. As at present, module defaults will vary according to their purpose. Some are clearly (for 99% of sites) going to be shown to non-registered people, so that should be their default. Some others are only likely to contain members-only data, so those can be defaulted to members only. Some need to default to “admin only”. Don’t forget that some blocks can be shown to everyone, whilst some of their content will be hidden by ‘normal’ privacy rules.

    Default Privacy will be registered Member unless changed to show to non-registered visitors which then allows deceased (>120?? years) people to be viewed.

    That just means that privacy will be enabled by default – as it is now – so yes, that will not be changed.

    Default for Tags would remain at non-registered Visitors unless set in admin panel because otherwise one would end up with a blank page!

    Yes, but this area needs a lot of improvement. Not all tags, for example, can currently have over-rides (set to “show everyone”, when the default is “show to members only”) when that option should exist.

    Of note, the term moderator is questionable too. It doesn’t easily identify the member who has been granted editing rights without approval unless you read, and probably re-read each time, the terminology.

    Probably because it does NOT mean that. The help text for “moderator” on the User settings page is (IMHO) pretty clear:
    Moderator This role has all the permissions of the editor role, plus permission to accept/reject changes made by other users.”
    The option to have edits automatically approved can be ticked / added to (or removed from) ANY user with edit or greater rights. It’s a completely separate setting.

    Also, I tend to link being able to edit (with or without approval) with being able to upload images. Yet I don’t think this is the case. Not sure if it should be.

    It most certainly should be, and is, as far as I am aware. But if an error has crept in somewhere please let me know. I don’t know of any way anyone with less access than “editor” can access any edit page (the only way to upload images).

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