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    Levels (I added ‘registered’ only for purpose of this thread): As I’ve worked it out in my head —

    Privacy non-registered visitors vs registered members, ie: those who are in possession of a username and password
    Accounts registered members vs registered editors vs registered moderators vs registered managers vs registered administrators
    Modules non-registered visitors vs registered members vs registered managers vs registered everyone (all of the above)

    In all cases, VISITOR needs to mean non-registered viewers of the website, not currently the case. They do not have a user account or password. The term never appears in Accounts.

    Default for Account settings will be registered Member.
    Default for Modules will be registered Member unless changed to show to Visitors.
    Default Privacy will be registered Member unless changed to show to non-registered visitors which then allows deceased (>120?? years) people to be viewed. (Although I guess the Administrator could change to show without restriction even though it would override laws of many jurisdictions.)
    Default for Tags would remain at non-registered Visitors unless set in admin panel because otherwise one would end up with a blank page!

    Of note, the term moderator is questionable too. It doesn’t easily identify the member who has been granted editing rights without approval unless you read, and probably re-read each time, the terminology.

    Also, I tend to link being able to edit (with or without approval) with being able to upload images. Yet I don’t think this is the case. Not sure if it should be.

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