• #11032

    I have just logged out and checked a few things which are set up as ‘show to visitor’ e.g. sidebar sections, and they are visible to me as a non-logged in user, as intended. However, if you act as I believe you have proposed and change ‘show to visitors’ to ‘show to members’ this will not produce the same result at all.

    Unfortunately, some very old modules don’t respect the access level settings! That’s part of the confusion, and yes, it needs to be fixed as part of my proposed change.

    Surely we need to have a category which means ‘show to everyone’ .

    That ‘should’ be achieved by having no specific access set. The settings were supposed to be limiting rules, not enabling ones.

    and that’s the way ‘show to visitors’ appears to work for me at present

    It is inconsistent at present 🙁

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