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    Does anyone deliberately use the “show to visitors” setting anywhere?

    Yes – I use it extensively – in Admin-Modules- Blocks, Charts, Lists, Reports, Menus .. etc to mean ‘ Show to anyone who accesses the site’ (I have to admit that I had never realised that a ‘visitor’ was a category of registered user but treated the term to mean ‘casual Internet browser’). I have just logged out and checked a few things which are set up as ‘show to visitor’ e.g. sidebar sections, and they are visible to me as a non-logged in user, as intended. However, if you act as I believe you have proposed and change ‘show to visitors’ to ‘show to members’ this will not produce the same result at all. Surely we need to have a category which means ‘show to everyone’ and that’s the way ‘show to visitors’ appears to work for me at present. I have a feeling that I have misunderstood something here!

    Ron in France
    kiwitrees 3.3.6; PHP 7.2.17