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    Seems there’s a terminology misunderstanding as I’ve always deemed “visitor” to mean anyone showing up at my site and trying to view records. NOT someone who’s emailed me and I’ve granted them “visitor” status — of which I’ve never known existed in that way.

    When I say my The Royals site doesn’t need username/password, then I set everything to visitor. Dead or alive, unrestricted. Modules are set to visitors or above for most everything.

    However, my Alter-Drukarsh site requires username/password to see beyond dead people. Dead being more than 96 years if I recall. Modules are set to members or above except for things like seeing the home page and the login.

    Sounds like we’re on different pages.

    [updated: 26 FEB 2020]
    MacOS: 10.15.3  (Catalina)
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    PHP 7.2 Fast CGI

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