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    Great feedback, thanks.

    But let me add a little more explanation…

    When you set access to anything, such as menus, modules, etc, as “show to visitors” what you are actually setting is “show these only to registered visitors or higher.

    So – do you actually have any users with their user role set to “visitor”?

    • If you don’t, then, in reality, you are giving access only to “members” (or higher), the next level higher than “visitors”, because no actual “visitors” exist on your site.
    • If you do have registered “visitors” (rather than “members”), then I need to understand why before I think about removing the role.
    macalter wrote:Right now privacy is set to “visitors”, maybe that needs to be changed. to members.

    Yes, that would be my plan if I go ahead with the change. Anywhere currently set to “show to visitors”, or any user designated as “visitor”, would be changed to “show to members”, or “member”, automatically during the upgrade. The term “visitors” would no longer be required anywhere within kiwitrees.

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