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    I’m sure I can “dummy” a matching alternative. I’ll upload a copy to your site when I have it, so you can test.

    That would be great if you csn msnsge it without too much trouble Nigel – many thanks.

    But rather than the current default of “No common ancestor found” I should be able to default mother (father, parent) to child relationships to either “Not applicable”, or perhaps just leave it blank.

    I thinlk blank would be the best solution, if that can be acgieved fairly easily. If not, it’s clearly not a major issue if it stays as it is.

    Although I don’t recall this ever being discussed before, I think the unspoken assumption has been that the primary need was to ensure the integrity of the family history (i.e. GEDCOM) data, not the site as a whole.

    You’re right – I fully agree and I’m sorry I raised this before thinking it through fully. I know I shall have no difficulty, on what will be the very few occasions when either stories or DNA Connections are being updated by others, to control it through dialogue with the few users with editor rights, ensuring that they tell me when they have made changes in these areas so, at least for me, please don’t spend any more time on thinking about this.

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