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    I have noticed in the past that if I make the same mistake in entering a source in any Facts & Events item, my text appears in red as an unreferenced source. This would be the ideal way to handle it if possible.

    Yes, that is my thought too. It’s complicated because the standard code is all GEDCOM-based, so can’t be used directly. But I’m sure I can “dummy” a matching alternative. I’ll upload a copy to your site when I have it, so you can test.

    Surely the mother’s father (who is the child’s grandfather) is the first of their many shared ancestors?

    Arguably, perhaps. But all the (very complex) algorithms that I’ve seen for “closest common ancestor” assume a starting point of a side-ways relationship, working upwards to a meeting point. It’s not an area I plan on going any deeper into than I have to! But rather than the current default of “No common ancestor found” I should be able to default mother (father, parent) to child relationships to either “Not applicable”, or perhaps just leave it blank.

    Is this the only case where changes to the database/tables (albeit not the GEDCOM itself) could be made by someone with edit authority without my being notified, or are there others? I have always been keen to have the last word on changes to ensure the integrity and overall accuracy of the data.

    Almost but not completely. The “Stories” module is partially the same. Only admins can create new stories, but editors can edit them. That is not GEDCOM data either, so cannot use the normal change process.
    I doubt I can include the “approval” process. That’s just too complex to convert to this sort of use. It is linked to the changes log in the database, the Changes report in Admin, messaging to managers and / or admins, etc… But a notification to admins that something has been changed on the database, and by who should be possible. This will not be a quick fix though.
    Although I don’t recall this ever being discussed before, I think the unspoken assumption has been that the primary need was to ensure the integrity of the family history (i.e. GEDCOM) data, not the site as a whole.

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