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    (Note: topic split from original location as these are separate issues from that general discussion.)

    The lack of buttons, etc., was caused by the incorrect entry in the source field. He entered “23andme” as a text item, rather than letting the autocomplete feature give him the existing source name and id. In his first (no longer visible) attempt he did the same for the Person’s name field (“Wendy” entered).

    I will need to do some more work on trapping such issues, but in the short term can you explain the use of “autocomplete”?

    Regarding the “closest ancestor” for a Mother/child relationship – what would you expect to see? There is, in fact, no “common” ancestor between them. The first level at which a common ancestor exists would be siblings, who share common parents. Do you know (or perhaps can find out from your user) what 23andMe show in this case?

    Regarding “change” notification – they only apply to GEDCOM data (i.e. family tree entries stored in a GEDCOM file), as it uses the GEDCOM CHAN tag. DNA data is not part of the GEDCOM structure. As stated a note in some of the introductory comments (change list, newsletter etc) this is important to understand, as it means the DNA data entered will NOT be transferred or saved in any GEDCOM file created from your site. However, I do see the logic of wanting a “change notification”, so I will see if it is possible to add something for a future release. (No promises though 🙂 )

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