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    Not sure how I should use ‘Segments’ . I had assumed I should show the segment numbers of the segments shared by the two individuals (eg 1,3,6,11,18 or 1-3-6-11-18) but it seems to want only a digit (presumably the number of segments shared rather than the numbers of those segments?)

    Good question. Just the sort of feedback I need.

    You are correct that field it is currently expecting the number of matching segments. Simple reason for it is that’s all AncestryDNA provide me.
    How useful are the specific segment numbers to you? I wouldn’t want to add any more columns, as it starts to get too crowded. But perhaps it’s possible to allow either, although sorting by that column then probably wouldn’t be practical, if that matters.
    In my experience, using sites like GedMatch the value of segment details are in mapping connections to the right common ancestors or ancestral line. But at the point of entering the data to kiwitrees you are likely to already know that.

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