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    Not at this moment. My priority is getting kiwitrees-nova released. That is still some months away. My time is more limited these days, unfortunately. Even then, this would still be a very low priority for me.

    I am still monitoring ‘UksusoFF’s development. He is making progress, but still, a couple of things are needed that I feel are essential (autocomplete/search for INDIs to add to map and a config page to list/review all maps) but it is starting to look more useful. Probably the greatest issue is a safe solution to importing/exporting GEDCOM files without risk of losing data or connections to image maps.

    But, I think he is still looking at a poor solution. Ultimately I feel that the best answer is to store the map data in the image Exif properties. Then all kiwitrees needs are the tools to read and write that data – which will probably have other more general media-use benefits too.

    Such possibilities will be easier in kiwitrees-nova as it has a more consistent javascript framework, less prone to code conflicts, which is a problem that webtrees module still suffers from.

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