• #10832

    Thanks, Paul. Well spotted.

    This has probably been an issue for a long time, unnoticed. It only effects the widget version of the top surnames block, so perhaps not entirely related to the change in the php version.
    When I created it, based on a copy of the Home page top surnames block, I left three lines of code still using a function from the original block in place. That’s been fine for me because I have both blocks active. But I see now that if the Home page version is not active, then the widget version will fail as per your report. Sorry about that.

    The fix is easy:

    • Open the file kiwitrees/modules_v4/widget_surnames/module.php.
    • At lines 99, 103, and 108 is the phrase “top10_surnames_KT_Module
    • Change this to “widget_surnames_KT_Module” on all those three lines and save the file back to your server.
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